Support / FAQ

Hopefully your questions on Rise Up! Radio/Alarm are answered on this page, but if not please mail us at

#01 Alarms don't go off!

Task-killers can prevent Rise Up! Radio/Alarm from being able to schedule alarms, so it's very important that if you really want to run a task-killer (which we really would not recommend) that you configure it to ignore Rise Up! Radio/Alarm.

#02 Given that my mobile's only got a mono speaker and is anyway sitting my nightstand, how can the binaural beats work?

Binaural beats do need stereo speakers or earphones. Whilst we certain don't recommend sleeping with earphones, there are a variety of appropriate stereo pillow speakers available, we have particular experience with the Pillowsonic, which works well.

#03 Why doesn't the app use sleep-phases to suggest wake-up times?

There's no scientific basis behind calculating an individual's optimum wake-up time with movement sensors (actigraphy) or by simple sleep phase calculations, as sleep phases differ too much between individuals. Scientific experiments that determine specific sleep stages use additional hardware such as EEG (brainwave monitors).

If you are looking for assistance to wake at the optimum time in your sleep cycle we suggest to use the fade in alarm mode of Rise Up! Radio/Alarm, use a sunrise clock with a gradual fade-in, or a headband-based device that can work by analysing your brainwaves.

#04 Does Rise Up! Radio/Alarm use any open source libraries?

Yes, we make use of the ffmpeg decoding library to play back audio from online radio stations. Contact us if you'd like a copy of this source code.

#05 Why are there clicks or gaps when sleep sounds are playing?

Unfortunately there is a known bug in certain versions of Android on certain devices that means that looped sounds don't have seamless playback. In this case we are at Google's mercy!

#06 Text-to-speech does not work on my device

Text-to-speech on Android only works if a speech engine is installed. Most manufacturers include one by default, but not all. If one is not provided on your device we suggest you install SVOX from the Play Store.

#07 I get the default alarm tone even though I selected something different

If something goes wrong during radio or music playback the app will fallbac to the default alarm tone as that is better than nothing at all.

#08 Why isn't my city name displayed next to the weather?

The app determines your longitude and latitude and displays the weather for that location. Depending on the location it may or may not be able to automatically determine which city it's in.

#09 How do I stop the weather using the GPS?

If you go into settings in the menu and select to change the weather city, there is an 'Off' button which will turn weather off completely, or you can type in the name of a city, in which case the app will use that rather than the GPS.

#10 Radio station isn't playing back

Try telling the app to use the software decoder, this is an option at the bottom of the Settings screen, accessible by pressing the 'menu' button on the main screen and pressing 'Settings'.

#11 My favourite radio station is missing

E-mail and if the station has an mp3 or aac stream we will add it to the catalogue.

#12 The alarm icon in the status bar isn't reliable

Other alarm apps on your device (including the apps provided by the manufacturers with certain Android phones) can end up 'fighting' Rise Up! Radio/Alarm for control of the alarm icon in the status bar. Unfortunately all we can recommend is to remove the conflicting apps when possible.